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360° FEEDBACK: List of resources
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Giving Managers Feedback
AUD $275.00 Marcus offers Carol the unique opportunity to give some feedback to Serena and himself. Carol enjoys being direct and ...
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How to Develop Your People
AUD $275.00 Everyone needs a development plan with career goals, reviewed regularly. Psychologist Eve Ash provides some useful guide...
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Recognition & Feedback
AUD $495.00 Motivate people, develop skills and improve work performance. Learn how to give immediate recognition and feedback, b...
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Learning from 360 Degree Feedback
AUD $275.00 This video explains the common reactions people have to receiving 360 degree feedback. Get practical advice on how to...
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360 Degree Feedback
AUD $275.00 Learn how 360 degree feedback works and how you can improve with feedback from others. ...
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Giving Feedback - Basic Skills
AUD $495.00 How do you give feedback to another person in the workplace? This video demonstrates how to structure the ...
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Receiving Feedback - Basic Skills
AUD $495.00 People are often embarrassed when receiving positive feedback. They can also be fearful and defensive when faced wi...
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