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CONSULTING & PROJECTS: List of resources
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Insights and Strategies Series
AUD $4,697.00 Inspire best practice performance with up-to-date knowledge, insights and strategies from a range of business leaders ...
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Understanding Financial Information
AUD $275.00 Understanding Financial Information is a course that provides everyone in a leadership or project role with a basic u...
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Innovation & Continuous Improvement
AUD $495.00 Inspire everyone to be creative, offer suggestions and make improvements. Identify opportunities to improve and teach...
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Preparing Your Business Case
AUD $275.00 Eve Ash interviews Suzanne Dvorak CEO, Marie Stopes International. Many managers and employees often need to prepar...
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10 Point Checklist for Briefing a Consultant
AUD $275.00 Get the most out of consultants by following a simple, yet powerful briefing checklist. ...
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Project Management Success Factors
AUD $275.00 Explore five essential factors to ensure projects are completed on time, within budget and to agreed specifications. ...
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Managing Contractors
AUD $275.00 In this video, find out the essential steps to managing contractors. Learn how to avoid the typical pitfalls to en...
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Consulting Skills For Professionals
AUD $275.00 Gain practical advice for internal and external consulting. ...
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