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Personal Development

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. Because it does." William James

Personal development is about improving personal productivity through self-education, inspiration, motivation, and empowerment. Whether you're trying to improve yourself as a worker, a parent, a partner, or member of the community, personal development is about finding and reaching your potential, feeling happier, and making your best contribution.

Discover your aptitude and live your potential with Seven Dimensions books, 360 degree assessment tools and more than 80 DVDs in the following areas:

Highly recommended is the award winning and best selling 'interview style' series; Take Away Training with 35 titles on personal development including: 5 Steps to High Self-Esteem, 6 Ways To Build Rapport, Balancing Work & Private Life, Coping With Change, Dealing with Trauma & Distress, Developing Emotional Competence, Energy & Enthusiasm, Giving Up Bad Habits, Personal Goal Setting, Staying Happy & Positive Throughout Life, Understanding & Dealing with Depression, Understanding Body Language and many more!

Also highly recommended is the best selling Learning a la Carte Series which includes interviews with world experts on subjects such as Developing Resilience, Innovation in the Workplace, Maintaining Continuous Motivation, Overcoming Stress, Risk Taking, Turning Ideas into Reality and more.

Included in the area of Personal Development are three 360 degree Skill Indicator assessment tools for measuring and evaluating presentation effectiveness, stress management and time management.

Seven Dimensions also has two entertaining and motivational DVD programs entitled Kangaroo and Boomerang. Kangaroo is a is a fully animated video aimed at making you feel healthier, live longer and feel happier at work! Boomerang is a DVD about the reciprocity urge; the basic drive in all people to respond according to how they are treated. It will make you think about your own behaviour impacts on how others treat you.

Turn your negative thoughts into positive scripts and change your life and your relationship with the two books: Rewrite Your Life, and Rewrite Your Relationships. Eve Ash and Rob Gerrand help you understand your negative scripts and explain how you can turn them into scripts for success.

Personal Development DVD titles can also be found in the People Skills, Performance Excellence, and Teamwork Essentials series.

Especially developed for the personal development of teenagers are five DVD titles:Eating Well, Feeling Good; Making A Good Impression; On The Edge; Reach for the Stars and We're All Different, all from the best selling series Teenagers' Guide to the Galaxy.

Finally, Seven Dimensions has four personal development titles developed specifically for call centres with: Communicating Clearly, Controlling Call Time, Conveying a Professional Image and Focusing on Results, all from the Hotlines DVD Series.