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Communication Skills

There are so many situations in the business world where good communication skills are necessary, it is virtually impossible to name them all.

Whether between a team leader and a team, a customer service rep and a customer, a job applicant and a potential employer, a CEO and the board, the PR director and the press or a sales rep and a potential customer; effective communication is essential.

Managers and staff will learn effective ways to communicate with Seven Dimensions 360 degree assessment tools, books and more than 120 DVDs on communication.

Seven Dimensions has a huge range of communication resources in the areas of:

Included in the area of communication are nine 360 degree Online Skill Indicator assessment tools for measuring and evaluating: call skills, consulting effectiveness, emotional competence, interviewing skills, listening skills, meeting facilitation, presentation effectiveness, service skills and team skills.

Developed specifically to ensure employees at all levels communicate efficiently, productively and cooperatively is Seven Dimensions' best selling and award winning Communication Essentials series. This four-part 'drama style' series covers: listening and understanding, conveying information, exercising personal power, and overcoming negative behaviors. This complete communication training package includes a workbook/trainer's guide.

Best selling DVD titles can be found in the Take Away Training 'interview style' series with more than 40 titles on communication including; 7 Steps to Improving Communication, Common Facilitation Mistakes, Consulting Skills For Professionals, Dealing with Difficult People, Leading Group Discussions, Public Speaking with Confidence, The Art of Questioning, The Psychology of Saying Sorry and many more!

Many highly recommended and best selling communication titles can also be found in the People Skills 'drama style' series and the Learning a la Carte series which features interviews with world leading experts.

And for teenagers who face many and unique communication challenges is the Teenagers' Guide to the Galaxy series of 15 DVDs which covers issues such as: bullying, sex education, family and more.

Learn how to turn your negative thoughts into positive scripts to change your life and create the relationships you want with the books: Rewrite Your Life and Rewrite Your Relationships. In these, Eve Ash and Rob Gerrand help you understand your negative scripts and explain how you can turn them into scripts for success and healthy relationships for the long term.

Finally, Seven Dimensions also has an entire program dedicated to learning English as a second language entitled Hello Australia.