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Best Practice

Best practice is all about delivering world-class results based on effective processes that are proven to be repeatable, cost effective, high quality and timely.

Seven Dimensions has developed resources to help define best practice in your organisation including ways to measure, assess and develop the performance of employees at all levels.

There are more than 30 best practice DVDs in the following areas:

Best selling DVD titles can be found in the Take Away Training 'interview style' series with 15 titles on best practice including: 6 Ways to Prevent Sloppy Work, Best Practice Workplace Checklist, Management Mastery Checklist, Project Management Success Factors and more!

Six highly recommended best practice titles can be found in the Learning a la Carte Series which includes interviews with world experts. Titles include: Innovation in the Workplace, Leadership for Quality Service, Scenario Planning and more.

Learn how to promote success tools such as benchmarking, balanced scorecard and key performance indicators. Communicate and promote change on a world-wide basis with the Creating a High Performance Workplace series of 6 videos which includes a comprehensive facilitator's guide and workbook.

Finally, best practice titles can also be found in the following DVD series: A New Way of Working, A System of Change, Managing to be Green, Reinventing Appraisals, The Improving Service Series and Total Quality Service.