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Embracing New Ideas
Duration: 7 minutes
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Marcus invites everyone to suggest innovations to enhance productivity and improve the culture. Junko and Alex compete and tension escalates when accusations are made about stealing ideas. Marcus and Michael present new ideas to the group that are received with varying degrees of success. Carol emphasizes that ideas should be shared. Michael’s innovation of micro bags is put into practice. 

Marcus encourages people to offer positive, team-building contributions and innovative ideas to enhance productivity and improve the culture. Junko is pleased to present an idea stemming from her Japanese culture. Alex is furious and accuses Junko of stealing her idea and the two enter a brief argument whilst Alex presents her version. The tensions between Junko and Alex continue. Marcus and Michael present new ideas to the group that are received with varying degrees of success. 

Key Learning Points

“Developing new ideas makes us creative. Sharing new ideas leads to innovation.”


Don’t assume your ideas are best
INSTEAD: Be open to everyone

Don’t accuse others of stealing ideas
INSTEAD: Compliment and share

Don’t criticize
INSTEAD: Listen and discuss

Don’t sit on good ideas
INSTEAD: Voice ideas so they grow

WARNING - These videos are designed to provoke discussion and response. They are contemporary, fast paced, short, character driven TV style comedies that take a new approach to reaching today's learners. By laughing, discussing, sharing outrage, reacting to the behaviors on screen, we can use these strong feelings and thoughts to develop a clearer shared view of how we want to behave, how we manage these situations, and how we want our team to behave and respond.

Psychological Rationale to Learning The producer, psychologist Eve Ash, has created this specific comedy approach to engage learners who are a media saturated generation that increasingly report being uninspired, unchallenged and bored by traditional or outdated training videos. Eve wanted to create a series that people want to see more of, want to discuss and then refer to when similar occasions arise at work- but with shared insight.

Whilst some people find them insensitive or outrageous, the vast majority of viewers and users have found them refreshing, stimulating and great for getting energy and enthusiasm back into learning. They can of course be coupled them with other programs like the SWITCH ON series, or WORKPLACE EXCELLENCE.

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