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Finding My Magic - 2 Children's DVD Sets
AUD $148.50

The award winning sensation Finding my Magic is now available in a single package containing both series 1 and series 2!

Produced in conjunction with Save the Children, this Finding My Magic complete set includes both series. Finding My Magic, an introductory series brings Catherine and her friends to life and introduces the concept of the magic box – a private place for a child to keep thoughts that motivate and create. Finding My Magic: Children’s Rights Series places greater emphasis on children’s understanding of rights, and explores some challenging concepts in a very skilful and empowering fashion.

Finding my Magic is more than just an animated series - it comes complete with classroom workbooks full of activities and discussion starters that enable children to get a deep and thorough understanding of the issues that are covered. 

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The animated series features Cathy Freeman OAM as a young girl navigating her way through various injustices and difficulties of life. 

Cathy Freeman Appears courtesy of the Cathy Freeman Foundation, whose great work can be explored further on their website

The Benefits

Finding My Magic teaches children skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. By becoming more informed, and better skilled at interacting with each other, achieving their potential and standing up for their rights the children will gain confidence in a way that will give them the chance to improve as individuals.

Teachers have said:

• DVDs are engaging, message is strong
• Clear message to students that is reinforced by activities and each episode
• They are positive. There are changes that appear of the characters personalities/behaviours from the beginning to the end
• Great, diverse backgrounds, relatable
• I liked the multi cultural and gender perspectives.
• Really relevant
• Havent seen anything like this
• Fantastic. Nothing as up to date and focused.
• A brilliant program. Very needed from an early age
• An excellent resource with a huge scope of incorporating it into most areas of the curriculum
• The children picked up on the characters very easily
• Highly relevant to commonly shared values and beliefs

Are you ready to give the children at your school the chance to take part in this amazing program?

Finding My Magic - Introductory Series (4 episodes)

Episode 1: Discovering the Magic (5 minutes)
Catherine feels foolish after getting an answer wrong in class and enduring subsequent teasing. A kind store-keeper shows her a 'Magic Box' and how to fill it with 'Me Messages' that build confidence.

Episode 2: Sharing the Magic (4 minutes)
Catherine shares the wisdom of the Magic Box, and teaches her friend how to use it

Episode 3: Kate Finds her Magic (5 minutes)
After ridiculing those around her, Kate takes the challenge of using the Magic Box and immediately sees the benefits.

Episode 4: The Magic at Work (4 minutes)
The magic of positive self-talk is seen in practice, as Catherine uses this skill to triumph over negativity in an important race.

Finding my Magic: Children's Rights Series (12 Episodes)

Episode 1: Let's Be Fair (7 minutes)
Vin is new to the Australia and struggles with English. The children learn about the right to be treated fairly.

Episode 2: Listen to Me (5 minutes)
Catherine's suggestions are overlooked in a class discussion. See how she creates ways to make sure she is heard.

Episode 3: That's Private (4 minutes)
Kate crosses a line of confidence when she reads Tom's private diary. The children learn about the right to privacy

Episode 4: Don't Bully Me (5 minutes)
Tom is the victim of bullying - in this episode he learns how that we all have the right to be protected from harm.

Episode 5: Be at School (4 minutes)
Catherine notices that Kate has been missing school. Later it is discovered that Kate has been staying home to babysit her younger brothers. The children learn about the right to an education

Episode 6: What's Best for Me (5 minutes)
Tom's Maths scores are falling and tuition is required during his usual soccer practice timeslot. After an initial protest, Tom learns about adults deciding what is best for children.

Episode 7: Let's be Healthy (5 minutes)
After a toothache caused by poor diet and neglect, Kate learns about the right to good health.

Episode 8: My Right to a Good Home (4 minutes)
Morko is living in unacceptable conditions, and with some the help of Catherine the children discover the right to a basic standard of living.

Episode 9: Respect My Beliefs (5 minutes)
Rema is excluded from the soccer team for wearing a hijab. A resolution is found and a lesson in respecting others' beliefs is learned.

Episode 10: Don't Exploit Me (4 minutes)
Catherine's mother finds out that her daughter is being exploited. Catherine learns about the right not to be exploited.

Episode 11: Keep Me Safe* (6 minutes)
Kate is very upset and tells Catherine a secret about being hurt by her mum’s boyfriend. Catherine reminds Kate about being safe and ensures Kate goes to see the school counsellor. They gain insight into the right to special help if they have been hurt.

*this episode should be screened with discretion.

Episode 12: Know My Rights (7 minutes)
Catherine makes a class presentation about the Stolen Generation. The children learn the importance of knowing your rights.

The special price above is only available when both series are bought together under the stock code FMMSET. If you wish to purchase the series individually then click here for series 1 and here for series 2.

Package Description

Finding My Magic – Introductory DVD - 4 episodes
(plus 2 trailers, Guide for teachers with activities, handouts)

Finding My Magic – Children’s Rights Series DVD  - 12 episodes
(plus 5 Video Extras and Guide for teachers with activities & handouts)


• Silver Award, Questar Awards, USA (2010)
• Silver Screen Award Winner, Nevada Film Festival (2010)
• Award of Excellence, Accolade USA (2010)
• Best Animation, GIAA Festival of Short Films & Videos, NY, USA (2010)
• Bronze Plaque, Chris Awards, 58th Columbus International Film Festival (2010)
• Winner, Animation, Home Planet Film Festival NY, USA (2010)
• Official Best of Fest Award, USA (2010)
• Certificate of Merit, Animation, Chicago International Film Festival (2010)
• Honorable Mention, Animated Short Film Competition, Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival, USA (2010)
• Semi-finalist, Feel Good Festival USA (2010)
• Finalist, Australian Effects & Animation Festival (2010)
• Nomination for Best Animation, International Filmmaker Festival, UK (2010)


• San Diego Children’s Festival USA
• International Youth Festival UK
• Heart of England International Festival UK
• TriMedia Film Festival USA
• Independent Television Festival LA, USA
• Eugene International Film Festival Oregon, USA
• Williamsburg International Film Festival, NY, USA
• International Filmmaker Festival, UK
• Orlando Film Festival, USA
• Utopia Film Festival, USA
• Best of Intercom, Chicago, USA

Recommended Audiences
  • Students 5 -12
  • Young Children
  • Community
Distributed in the following format(s)
  • DVD Educational
Available in the following language(s)
  • English
Media Type
 Video Recording
Presentation Style
  • Animation
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Copyright owner
Eve Ash under exclusive licence to Save the Children (Australia)
Seven Dimensions