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Closing the Sale
This title is part of the Sales and Service Masterclass Series
Duration: 12 Minutes
USD $275.00
Closing the Sale
Ideal for group training and self-development..with excellent workbook and handouts.

A panel of sales experts hosted by psychologist Peter Quarry challenge popular thinking about 'closing the sale'. They debate the merits of the 'formula' approach versus a more instinctive, organic process. Appropriate use of language is also examined, including the importance of structuring questions for maximum effect. The program offers fresh, motivating ideas for sales people to put into practice.

Key Learning Points

Reconsider how to close a sale and use positive strategies for success:

  • Redefine the notion of 'closing' the sale
  • Gain the customer's commitment at various stages of the sales process
  • Selling is a natural progression without forcing a close
  • Ask for the sale progressively and add on items
  • Summarise needs and link to product, then ask for the sale
  • Challenge the long term wavering customer to buy
Recommended Audiences
  • Sales Staff
  • Managers
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  • English
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Melbourne Australia
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Melbourne Australia
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Seven Dimensions