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Overcoming Objections
This title is part of the Sales and Service Masterclass Series
Duration: 16 Minutes
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Overcoming Objections

Ideal for group training and self-development. With excellent workbook and handouts.

Psychologist Peter Quarry and a panel of sales experts examine techniques to help sales and service people overcome customer objections. They take a detailed look at specific language techniques that help to defuse volatile confrontations, so that the sales person is always working with the customer, not against them, to come to a satisfactory resolution. Examples are provided through role-plays, which are excellent models for analysis and discussion.

Key Learning Points

See demonstrations and learn techniques to overcome customer objections:

• How to overcome the most common objections:
  - No need (I already have one)
  - Price (too much, cheaper elsewhere)
  - Feature (too big, wrong style)
  - Time (need to think about it)
• Acknowledge the objection without being defensive
• Normalise the customer's feelings and use reference examples
• Use features and present options

Recommended Audiences
  • Managers
  • Sales Staff
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Melbourne Australia
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