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Teaching Literacy
This title is part of the Teaching and Learning Series
Duration: 22 Minutes
AUD $275.00
Learning to read and write can be fun! By identifying individual needs and implementing effective teaching methods, students can be motivated to learn through creative programs and word games that students enjoy. This program demonstrates shared reading, guided reading, and uses "Learning Centres"to:
  • Make the learning focus clear through rephrasing, reinforcement and summarising
  • Encourage students to predict, reflect, discuss and support each other.
  • Provide opportunities for skills practice in a fun way.
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Created by Psychologist Eve Ash
Key Learning Points
Shared Reading

A Year 2 lesson about homophones& words that rhyme but are spelled differently. Teaching emphasis is on:

  1. Make the learning focus clear
  2. Rephrase the learning goal
  3. Reinforce the learning
  4. Summarise & keep students motivated
  5. Ask students to summarise the learning
  6. Reinforce learning beyond the session.
Guided Reading

Teacher led small group discussion (Year 2) demonstrating:

  1. Encourage students to predict
  2. Make the teaching focus clear
  3. Interview after reading
  4. Extend students' understanding
  5. Link discussion to the text.
Learning Centres

Level 2 teachers work with various small groups of students to demonstrate a range of literacy learning activities:

BINGO - Attending to the visual detail in words

Design activity for specific learning needs - in this case learning to read the whole word.

Word Building - Using common letter patterns

A game called "CHUNKS" is used to experiment with words - putting words together from beginnings and end of words - to make real words.

Word Detectives - Practising high frequency words

Students are encouraged to search for and cut out common words from newspapers and magazines - that they know and can read. Be enthusiastic and make activity fun.

Book Box - Using guided reading texts

Students select a book they are familiar with and are challenged with a range of tasks - requiring them to read the book to answer the challenges.

Learning Challenges: Dominos
  1. Link the learning to the game
  2. Be patient and allow time for understanding
  3. Use a variety of prompts
  4. Confirm understanding
Package Description

DVD accompanied by PDF Workbook containing discussion questions, activities, handouts and full script

Usage Examples
  • Professional development for teachers - part of a one day program, or even over a lunch time development session
  • Developing general teaching techniques - e.g. questioning styles, listening and summarising skills, giving clear explanations
  • Learning to use the specific literacy learning activities shown in this program
  • Reviewing activities for teaching literacy and then stimulating creativity in developing new activities for various skill levels
  • Collaborative learning - using this program to observe teachers in action, then practising skills for giving and receiving feedback
  • Studying student interaction and responses
  • For new teaches for their induction training
  • For parent information sessions.
Recommended Audiences
  • Teacher training students
  • Special School teachers
  • Teachers of young children (K1-6)
  • Parents
  • Primary School Teachers
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  • DVD
Available in the following language(s)
  • English
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 Video Recording
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  • Documentary
  • Case Study
Filming location
Australia - Middle Park Primary School
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Copyright owner
Seven Dimensions
Seven Dimensions