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Exercising Personal Power
This title is part of the Communication Essentials Series
Duration: 15 minutes
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Exercising Personal Power

Within organizations people at all levels are needing to rely more on personal persuasion to get things done rather than on authority and formal power.

Learn five influencing and persuading skills and the different situations in which to apply them.

The art of being able to influence people requires that you are able to identify, in any given situation, what particular types of power are at your disposal, and then use them in combination to achieve your goal.

This video program introduces five influencing and persuading skills - position power, knowledge and experience, reward power, penalty power and inspiration power - and the different workplace situations in which to apply them.

Key Learning Points

• Appreciate the limits of position power
• Use skills, knowledge, experience, qualifications and expertise to influence others
• Influence people by offering "rewards"
• Use penalty power effectively and when necessary to influence others
• Influence others through inspiration and motivation

Learning Outcomes

• Be more aware of the range of situations in which you need to be able to influence others
• Be able to describe the five bases of power to influence and persuade others
• Have identified the types of power you can use to influence others in a number of workplace situations

Package Description
DVD with PDF workbook on disc. Includes activities and to-dos.
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  • Managers
  • All staff
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