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How to Mentor
This title is part of the Take Away Training Series
Duration: 18 minutes
AUD $275.00

In this program, Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry, discuss strategies for successful mentoring. The role of a mentor is different from that of a supervisor or coach and without this specific understanding a mentor may end up micromanaging, rather than advising.

How to Mentor PDF worksheet.

This program presents two role plays, modelling how to establish the process in the first meeting and how to identify and confront challenging trends of the mentee. The skills for successful mentoring are outlined.

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Key Learning Points
  1. The first meeting -In the first meeting, the mentor may find that he or she takes the lead role, as there are basic details regarding process and expectations that need to be established.
  2. A middle meeting - As the process progresses, the mentor will have a greater understanding of the issues preventing the mentee from achieving his or her goals. Through providing appropriate and supportive feedback it is possible to assist the mentee to develop skills and implement change.
  3. Skills for a mentor:
    • Active listening
    • Ask open questions
    • Challenge and confront
    • Good facilitation skills
    • Develop trust
    • Agree to confidentiality
    • Show caring
    • Provide networking opportunities
Recommended Audiences
  • Managers
  • Executives
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